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The narrow canyon entrance to the famed lost city. The narrow defile made the city almost impregnable. Some of the last seens of the third Indiana Jones movie were filmed here; you can still see the hooks high in the rock walls where the movie lights were hung.
A typical view in the outer area before entering Petra proper; this was probably a temple of some sort. Traders from all over the world came through this area, located at the crossroads of the Middle East; they needed places to practice their faiths.
This stunning facade is the first thing you see after emerging from the canyon entrance into Petra. The inside of the temple is surprisingly plain, in marked contrast to the ornate exterior.
Micki and I pose (and nearly obstruct from view) a camel in front of the temple facade.
Micki inside Petra; cave dwellings are visible all around.
The camel in front of the temple facade is being coaxed away by its owner, who would prefer to get paid for the privilege of a photograph. My mother took the picture before the camel could escape the frame.
A small group of tourists is visible climbing up the rock face; cave entrances and temple facades cover the rocky surface. I don't know how much longer the authorities will allow tourists to clamber over the soft stone.
Micki standing inside one of the small cave dwellings. The oxides in the rock create the brightly-colored stripes and swirls.
I'm standing outside the same brightly-colored cave.
Our Jordanian tour guide demonstrates a camel's knack for drinking Sprite from a bottle. Moments earlier, the same camel sucked a Coke can dry, imploding it in the process.

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